M. E. C. Rodrigues, L. A. R. Ramirez, L. A. R. Silva Mello, F. J. V. Hasselmann


This work presents a 3D vector formulation for calculation of the field scattered by finite conductivity wedges, developed as an extension of the Uniform Theory of Diffraction (UTD) version for perfect conductors, representative of obstacles usually encountered in both indoor and outdoor environments served by cellular communication systems. Its main contribution consists, aside from the 3D vector treatment for the problem at hand, of the definition of diffraction coefficient parameters associated to virtual reflections on the wedge shadowed face. The singular behavior of diffraction coefficients thus obtained, along regions coincident with (real and virtual) geometrical shadow boundaries, as well as the resulting reciprocity of the formulation in terms of the arbitrary choice of the wedge illuminated face, indicate its adequacy. The formulation is next applied to the calculation of propagation path losses and delay profiles for typical building layouts. Implementation aspects of launching, tracing and capturing relevant optical rays as well as applying the Quadtree method for spatial (scenario) discrimination are also discussed.

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