Characterization of Switchable Rectangular Ring FSS with Non Coupled Parallel Metallic Strips for Multi Band and Dual Polarized Applications Using WCIP Method

Raouia Saidi, Mohammed Titaouine, Awatef Djouimaa, Thayuan Rolim De Sousa, Alfredo Gomes Neto, Karima Bencherif, Henri Baudrand


In this paper, a rectangular metallic ring FSS (Frequency Selective Surfaces) with parallel metallic strips for multi band applications are characterized by the WCIP (Wave Concept Iterative Procedure) method. The resonant characteristics of the proposed FSS are determined. The structure shows three resonant frequencies when the incident wave is x-polarized and three resonant frequencies when the source is polarized in the orthogonal direction. A variation in the length of the strips and the rectangular ring allows a fine tuning in the FSS resonant frequencies to give raise to tuned bandwidths. The suppression of a resonant frequency can be insured either by the elimination of the responsible metallic strip or by the insertion of a PIN diode switch. Three FSS structures are manufactured and characterized. The FSS bandwidth can be enhanced in both perpendicular FSS exciting source directions by only varying the strips lengths and the ring dimensions to the corresponding resonant frequencies. A good agreement is obtained when the WCIP results are compared with the simulations of COMSOL Multiphysics software and experiment.


WCIP method, FSS structures, transmission coefficient, metallic strips, rectangular ring, resonant frequency, PIN diode, enhanced bandwidth.

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