David Viveiros Júnior, Marcos Aurélio Luqueze, Denise Consonni


This paper presents three active baluns employing MESFETs, and developed for PCN converter applications. The non-linear circuit simulator LIBRA (HP-EESOF) [1] has been used in the CAD process. The baluns were implemented in microwave techniques - hybrid (at the Laboratório de Microeletrônica, USP) and GaAs MMIC technologies ( at an external foundry [2]). Measured and simulated results are presented, isclosing an attractive degree of design flexibility: the circuits can be adjusted for broadband operation, or optimized over limited frequency range. Power linearity and DC bias can be traded off, according to specific applications. The ICs were developed at the University of São Paulo, under RD Center of Telebrás (Brazilian Telecom) coordination, the research results being property of Telebrás (contract Telebrás-USP JDPqD 586/94).

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