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Focus and Scope

Authors are invited to submit original work in one or more of the following topics.

Electromagnetic Field AnalysisField analysis and guided waves; frequency domain techniques; time domain techniques; other numerical techniques.
Computer Aided DesignCAD algorithms and techniques; linear & nonlinear device modeling; nonlinear circuit analysis and systems simulation.
Microwave TechnologiesTransmission line elements; passive circuits elements; passive filters and multiplexers; ferroelectric; ferrite and SAW components; MEMS components and technologies; superconducting components and technology; HF, VHF, UHF technology; semiconductor devices and monolithic IC technology; active filters and multiplexers; signal generation, frequency conversion and control; power amplifiers; low noise receivers and components; broadband microwave systems; wireless and cellular communications, microwave sensors; microwave photonics.
Photonic TechnologiesOptical fibers and waveguides, materials, processing and characterization; fiber and integrated optics couplers, filters and multiplexers; semiconductor waveguides and devices; Bragg gratings; modal and polarization couplers; cabling and splicing for access networks; WDM components; semiconductor devices, optical amplifiers, modulators and switches; fiber and integrated optics active devices; optical polling & associated devices; optical amplifiers; optical communication systems; optical networks and services; fiber optic sensors and sensors systems.
Packaging, Integration and TestPackaging interconnects, MCMs and manufacturing, optical interconnects.
Millimeter Wave TechnologiesMillimeter wave components, technologies and systems.
Electromagnetic ApplicationsFormulations: statics, quasi-statics and high frequency. Material modeling and losses: superconductivity, anisotropy, hysteresis, non-linearity, eddy currents. Optimization, mathematical methods, inverse problems. Software methodology and numerical techniques. Electromagnetic compatibility and bioelectromagnetism. Electrical machines and drives, MEMS, nanomagnetics, non-destructive testing, sensors. Coupled problems: electromagnetic fields coupled to electronic circuits, mechanical, thermal and flow systems.
Other TopicsEducation, industrial, biological and medical applications; spatial beam combining and quasi-optics.
AntennasSmart antenna; phased array; passive circuits elements; microstrip antenna; fractal antenna; frequency selective surfaces; theoretical and experimental advances in antennas.
Articles in all aspects of microwave, optoelectronics, photonic devices and applications will be covered in the journal. All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed under supervision of the editors and the editorial board.


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This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.